National Culture And Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

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Dear Professors Coulmont, Loomis, & Berthelot, I regret to inform you that your revised manuscript, “National Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting” is being rejected. We have completed an evaluation of your paper by sending it to two experts who assessed the overall potential contribution to business ethics research. Unfortunately, based on their feedback there are concerns with the research problem and its significance, the interpretations, and the overall contribution of the research. In order to assist you in improving your work for possible future publication, I identified some key areas to improve based on the reviews. I hope you will find these comments constructive and detailed enough to provide some guideposts. 1. Conceptualization: Culture concept a. Reviewer 2 noted that the culture concept was not developed enough, problematic, and needed further justification. In his/her words: “[M]ost of the companies come from USA, can you say that US has a uniform culture? Furthermore, most of the companies are global and they work in global business environment, what is really a point of national culture in that context? Why it is worth of studying GRI and national culture if national culture is really a vague concept which really does not exist?” 2. Methods: Sample and approach a. Reviewer 1 raised some critical questions and points regarding the GRI sample (see first paragraphs in review). b. Both reviewers suggested the researchers consider qualitative
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