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The National Curriculum advocates that teachers need to be implementing strategies in lessons in order to make education inclusive and accessible to every pupil, including those pupils that have a special educational need and disability (SEND). Consequently, these learning needs must be supported in order for them to overcome any learning barriers that are presented. In 2016. 1,228,785 pupils were documented as having a learning difficulty, of which nearly 26% of these pupils had the condition, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The aim of this rationale will be to justify the strategies implemented in the science lesson plan, making it inclusive for the named child George.
George has impairments that affect his communication skills, social
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Effective science teaching allows pupils to be able to make connections to the real world and construct meaning for natural occurrences. As STEM advocates, children with Autism should be given opportunities to scientific concepts and practices in order to gain scientific knowledge. Furthermore, teachers are instructed in accordance with teachers’ standards to spur on and stimulate pupils in conjunction with ensuring that pupils learning is progressive. The teacher is responsible for ensuring that pupil’s needs are being met and this would be demonstrated effectively by ensuring George’s learning needs and barriers presented by his ASD condition are strategically…show more content…
In accordance with the requirements set out by the Equality Act 2010, SEN code of practice and the teaching standards, the strategies discussed provide evidence of reasonable adjustments made, to create an inclusive science lesson for George. This lesson plan has exemplified how George has been motivated and progressed in his learning by being able to carry out an investigation and drawn simple conclusions from his results. George learnt how a scientific investigation is conducted and the process skills of controlling variables, predicting, recording and interpretation of results involved in a scientific
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