National Debt Of The United States

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In today’s hectic world of politics there are many talking points and issues that require attention. National debt has been a key issue in the past that has gotten a lot of attention of the public and in the general elections. National Debt or Federal deficit is the total amount of money the government has borrowed from any source. The national debt in the United States is currently $15,236,332,233,848.35 and growing. The national debt per U.S citizen is about $48,852.95. These numbers are made up of public debt and Intergovernmental Holdings. Over the past 50 years national debt has increased exponentially. The national debt of the United States is very important to the US economy because the U.S has the biggest economy and is a major world super power. Issues such as National debt stir up public interest and gain a lot of attention because it affects the job market and peoples investment. There are many causes and effects to the increase of the national debt and there are different opinions and ideas on how to resolve this issue. It is greatly debated to what events or policies caused the National Deficit to be what is today. There are many causes to why the United States is in the tremendous debt it is in today. Many Americans or people in general do not know exactly how the US government actually borrows its money. To clarify, the Government is different from individual people and businesses borrowing money. When the Government borrows money, it doesn’t go to the bank
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