National Disaster Medical System ( Ndms )

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Introduction This research paper looks at the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). The National Disaster Medical System is a federally coordinated system that helps build the nations medical response capability during major medical or public health incidents that states and local communities cannot handle by themselves (USDHHS, 2015). The research in this article draws upon the history of the establishment of NDMS, and how other hospital teams were first created. The focus of this paper is to explain the goals, mission statement, objectives, and funding of the NDMS. The final section of this paper will explain how the NDMS fits into Emergency Management at the state and local levels, and explain all the different teams in NDMS medical and health professionals can sign up for. History of NDMS In 1983 the President of the United States declared, by executive order, the formation of the National Disaster Medical System. NDMS had two main functions, one function was to create a system whereby civilian hospital beds could be used in the event of a disaster within the U.S., and the second function created a Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) who could respond to those disasters (OH-1 DMAT, 2010). In 1985 Dr. Paul Rega went to a conference, and learned about the NDMS. He was interested in setting up a Toledo Area Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Today this is now called the OH-1 DMAT. The DMAT team is represented by federal employees of the U.S. Department of Health
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