National Energy Plan Essay

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National Energy Plan

¡§The balance between energy consumption and the environment have always seemed at odds with one another. Is it possible that the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge could be opened to oil exploration without adverse effects to the environment? I believe it can.¡¨

Q.)     What type of National Energy Policy do we have here?

A.)     Years of misguided federal and state environmental policies have raised the cost of production, failed to improve our nation's aging infrastructure, and dangerously increased America's dependence on unreliable foreign sources. The result: rising consumer utility bills, rapidly increasing gasoline prices, and rolling blackouts and
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¡§America deserves a comprehensive energy plan that will help relieve us of our current reliance on foreign sources of energy,¡¨ Cannon said. ¡§Over the last year, Americans have witnessed the largest blackout in our history and skyrocketing natural gas prices. This bill will help ensure cleaner, more affordable and more reliable energy for Americans today and also for future generations.¡¨
¡§This legislation will not only power our energy security, but it will also add fuel to a recovering economy by creating nearly one million jobs,¡¨ Cannon concluded.

Q.)     What is the cost of having to rely on O.P.E.C.?

A.) The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has a membership of 11 countries. The members of OPEC currently supply more than 40 per cent of the world's oil and they possess about 78 per cent of the world's total proven crude oil reserves.

Our world economy depends upon petroleum; petroleum, in fact, has shaped the modern world. It has dictated production technologies and methods. It has facilitated the emergence of a worldwide transportation network. It has allowed cites to grow and expand, and determined the spatial landscape of regions. Due to our great need for petroleum, the scope of OPEC¡¦s power surpasses our prowess as an economic superpower, considering OPEC regulates the output and the price of oil from their reserves.

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