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National Farm And Garden, INC., Marketing problem Losing the leading position as a number one supplier of farming equipment, National Farm and Garden, Inc. or NFG is currently facing problem with the company reputation and trust. The company had launched design defect products (Turbo Tiller), which caused consumer’s injury and ended up in a scandal. The causes of design defect came from various reasons such as, the declining sales, which led to the planning of unrealistic product launch and schedule, Organization ethical issues, and lack of communication within the organization. (See appendix 1 for summary) Immediate Action/ Short term plan First of all, company have to think about the company image from the ruined situation happening to…show more content…
Company has to reorganize the management process by putting more effort on communication and meeting for the result on company action. Rebranding on the certain position and coming up with the ethical issue will be the company competitiveness. Long term plan The company should practice holistic marketing management: 1. Internal Marketing: Cooperation and understanding between senior management and other departments. Thus, the case where many managers are afraid to communicate with the CEO will not happen. 2. Integrated Marketing:  New Product, service and market developement through the use of R&D and market research. Effective communication system through out the value chain. Installation and implementation of Information Technology system E.G Emails and SAP instead of memos .  All channels (distributore, retailer etc) should be acknowledged about company’s cultures and values. Adequate meetings and trainnings are crucial for effiective channel management. 3. Relationship Marketing NFG should create strong bonds and trust between all of its stakeholders; channels, customers, partners. This can be done by improving transparency between each party and implementing a CRM programs. Therefore, stakeholders will not hesitate to share their problems with the company when it arises and everybody will be willing to create and promote a WIN-WIN solution for all. 4. Performance Marketing  Sales Revenues are set

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