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National Football League Do you know what NFL stands for? Well if you do not maybe you should listen up. Football has been around for a long time and it is America’s favorite sport. NFL stands for the National Football League. There are things you can do in football and things you can’t do. The NFL is great even though they have changed many rules and penalties since the beginning of the league.
American football started growing off of English sports such as Rugby and Soccer in about the late 1800s.("58 Fun Facts About . . .Football)The first rules of football were helped created by a coach known as Walter Camp. He helped say that helmets were not mandatory, and that the coin toss took place thirty minutes before the scheduled game. The American Professional Football Association was created in 1920, and two years later changed their name to the National Football League. Football has different names around the world, for example in, Europe it is called soccer, and in the U.K it is called Rugby. An average football field, back when it was created, was 360 ft long, 160 ft wide, and the end zones were thirty feet deep. In 1940, the NFL legalized passing from any point behind the line of scrimmage, and between 1974 and 2011, the NFL moved the kickoff line three times. We know now that Walter Camp helped create the first football rules, let’s find out what a few of them were. After a touchdown, there was a Try-For-Point, which was like an extra point today, or a two point…

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