National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner

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National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner introduced us to areas in the world where people are living longer and healthier lives. Dan Buettner and his team of researchers took us to four different areas around the world known as The Blue Zones. They uncovered the secrets to health and longevity and told us how we can apply these habits in our lives. The four Blue Zones are:

• Okinawa Islands, Japan
• Barbagia region of Sardinia, Italy
Loma Linda, California
• Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

We learned about these people living in the Blue Zones through their personal stories, as we were brought into their homes and learned about their lifestyle and what they feel were the best practices in health and longevity. We were introduced to …show more content…

First, I wanted to mention some of the longevity secrets that were mentioned in the area of Sardinia. They believe in eating a plant-based diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and they believe that drinking goat’s milk can fight against heart disease and cognitive disorders such as Alzheimers. They take daily walks and enjoying with family and friends and of course the daily glass of red wine are just a few other secrets. They value family connections here in Sardinia; most families live together, from the parents, children and the grandchildren (Buettner, 2008).
In Okinawa, they enjoy being active and being outdoors in the sunshine, gardening and enjoying the company of their “moai (circle of friends). Having a good attitude and what they like to call the “ikigai”, which is what they say, gives them a purpose in life and what helps them get up every day. They also believe in eating a plant-based diet, the consume a lot of tofu and rarely eat fish. What I found very interesting that they eat more sweet potatoes, and they consume the spice, turmeric, which has been linked to healthier hearts (Buettner, 2008.)
Loma Linda residents also believe in eating more plant based diets, eating in moderation, eating an early dinner, drinking plenty of water, exercising to maintain a healthy weight, and as we have seen in Sardinia and Okinawa, spending quality time with family and friends.

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