National Grid Plc Strengths And Weaknesses

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CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF NATIONAL GRID I. Overview of the Company With its nerve center located at the heart of United Kingdom—London, National Grid plc has already provided jobs for around 25,100 people since the 31st of March 2013. National Grid plc as a British multinational electricity and gas company is also known to have its principal activities occurring not only in the United Kingdom but also in the northeastern part of the United States. After being integrated back in July 2011, National Grid plc now runs as an electricity and gas utility company operating in three separate divisions—1) UK Transmission 2) UK Gas Distribution and 3) US Regulated. UK Transmission National Grid plc both owns and operates the high voltage electricity…show more content…
Strengths The National Grid plc has 3 major strengths: owning major electricity assets both in the UK and the US, gas distribution operations are robust and varied operations in the UK and the US. Owning major electricity assets both in the UK and the US allows National Grid plc to control operations in England and Wales via NGP Electricity Transmission which is also its subsidiary. As mentioned earlier, National Grid plc also controls electricity transmission in the US (New York and New England) making the operations for electricity transmission, more effective. With regard to their gas distribution operations, as also mentioned earlier, providing for 3.5 million consumers further strengthens the market position of National Grid plc. The National Grid plc, due to its major consumers coming from central geographical positions, gives it an economical gain over other companies. Lastly, the varied operations (UK Transmission, UK Gas Distribution, US Regulated and other activities) it controls in the UK and the US gives it enough leverage when it comes to reducing the potential business jeopardies it might
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