National Hall of Jazz Fame Essay

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1. In their paper on “Understanding the Role of ‘Vision’ in Project Success, Christenson and Walker (2004, p.39) argue that “project vision is a significant contributing factor to project success, and, the communication and maintenance of a project vision will impact project outcomes”. a. How do Christenson and Walker (2004) define project vision? What distinguishes project vision from a mission statement? Christenson & Walker (2004, p.39-40) define project vision as the ability of a leader to get teams to work towards common team goals. This involves the communication of credible but reasonable goals in a way that is easy to understand, and compelling to follow. A successful project manager will be able to inspire teammates so…show more content…
He was able to communicate his vision to the project board members and sponsors, and inspire them to take up the challenge to accomplish the goals. Not only motivational, he clearly stated his goals and communicated well to the board members. He took the appropriate steps of seeking the services of a consultant, and presented the challenging project in a positive way. He was able to plot more focus strategies after consultant’s suggestions. The plan had been modified on a larger scale but it was more focused at the end. 2. A consultant was hired to conduct a national survey and about 100 tourists who were interviewed in the Charlottesville area. Using the survey results in exhibits 2 and 3, prepare a Pareto-like histogram noting the differences between the weighted percentages and the raw percentages. Exhibit II: Exhibit III: a. Explain why you do or do not concur with the analysis made by the consultant of the survey results presented in the section titled “The National Survey”. Based on the context provided in The National Survey section we agree with the analysis provided by the consultant based on the fact that only 12% of the surveys were returned. The consultant picked out a very specific group of people from the information provided from the Smithsonian Institute and we feel he based the final recommendations on only getting
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