National Health Care Quality and Disparities Report Essay

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The National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (NHQDR) (2012) identified three key themes. The themes are health care quality and access are suboptimal, especially for minority and low income groups; overall quality is improving, access is getting worse and disparities are not changing; and urgent attention is warranted to ensure continued improvements in: quality diabetic care, maternal and child health, adverse events, disparities in cancer care and quality care among the states in the south.
The NHQDR 2012 is a comprehensive report that implies there are changes that need to occur at multiple levels within the health care system and public policy. The report implies that the health care system needs to become more accessible to all populations, and the disparities in quality of care need to decrease. Health care providers need to evaluate access to care, treatment quality and its effectiveness. Meanwhile public policy needs to support funded programs that will improve access to care and support preventative services.
As a health care provider Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) should be actively involved in working towards eliminating disparities. APRNs should conduct research to determine the health disparities in their community by utilizing the state and local database for the Department of Health. The APRNs need to report the findings to local health care providers, and political leaders, then initiate change based on the findings.
APRNs could…