National Healthcare Spending

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National healthcare spending
November 9, 2012
Linda Watson

National healthcare spending

The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the entire world. The current level of national expenditures is astounding. According to, the anticipated total of healthcare spending in the United States is $7,400.00 per person each year (Kaiser, 2009). Over the years the total of healthcare spending has continued to increase at a rapid rate. In 2009 healthcare costs accounted for 16% of the U.S. GDP ("Health care expenditures:," 2009 ). This paper will discuss different aspects of healthcare costs in the United States and what makes it better or what makes it worse.
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“MEADS is a joint venture with Germany and Italy that was supposed to represent the next generation of air defense systems, but has never performed as advertised. Plagued by cost overruns ($2 billion over budget), performance failures, and massive delays (it 's 10 years behind schedule), the Army now says it doesn 't even want the system and the Pentagon admits MEADS will never be fielded” (Hegseth, 2012). When looking at how the public’s health care needs are paid for, 54 percent of total health care spending is paid in private funds (Kaiser, 2009). Private health insurance continues to be the largest source of health care spending. Public programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the State children’s health insurance program pay for 46 percent of health care spending (Kaiser, 2009). The share paid by public funds is projected to increase to 51 percent in 2018, with the private share falling to 49 percent (Kaiser, 2009). It is evident that changes need to happen when discussing health care spending in the United States. What our nation needs is reliable and affordable health care that will remain at a fixed rate. As discussed early, transparency is a key factor in making sure costs stay down. After all it is suppose to be about making the consumer happy, comfortable, and part of his or her own care, right? It is a must that these needs be addressed for the sake of our people and counties
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