National Human Rights Institutions For Emergency Response

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Recommends the establishment of National Human Rights Institutions for Emergency Response (NHIER’s), in the event that none-previously exist, in order to better address health related issues in each country that stem from the implementation from the Right to Health, emphasizing the importance of international organizations and agencies - issued reports, declarations and observations on an Ad Hoc basis on the following manner:
The establishment of these National Institutions will be carried out by this committee in cooperation with local governments, the Resident coordinator of the United Nations at a Country Level (UNCT) and the good offices of the Special Rapporteur when needed;
This institutions will make recommendations and provide assistance in establishing the best means in order to carry out the recommendations diligently;
The institutions will work in coordination with the International Emergency Health Regulations Committees (IEIHR’s) and the WHO Manual on Best Practices in order to tackle emergency humanitarian situations and to progressively tackle chronic human rights abuses by;
Handling Human rights abuses reports taken directly by citizens, branches of the government itself or in coordination with the reports of the Special Rapporteur;
Working on a local level with communities and tribes to asses them in finding the best practices possible in order to help them attain the highest standard of health while respecting their culture and customs;
Working in…
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