National Institute Of Nursing Research Essay

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Knowledge is the driving force for change. As communities grow and expand, so do the issues and challenges facing healthcare. These issues influence the direction of nursing research which provides the scientific basis for our practice and provides answers to the demands for increasing efficiency in quality care, increased need for higher education and development in all areas of the nursing profession.
The mission of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) is "to promote and improve the health and quality of life of individuals, families, and communities" (p. 6). This statment is very powerful as it is the basis of quality nursing care. The NINR developed their "strategic plan" with nursing care as a focus, encouraging critical
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Small samples and statistical errors can cause grave implications to practices. Also the practice of researchers only contributing positive results can also affect the information available as well as, as the economics perspective due to rising health care costs from damages resulting from improper techniques or advice related to the information. An example of this was studies done promoting the safe use of powder formulas and fortifiers in the NICU. Previous studies had shown the safety of their use when in reality strict hygienic measures needed to be taken in preparing powder based formulas to decrease infectious risks. It was concluded that contamination in the production and subsequent mixing of the product led to several NEC outbreaks. In my unit, we actually had an neonate death as a result of a powder based Human Milk Fortifier and NEC.
In order for professional nursing to continue to be at the forefront of knowledge based practice, nursing research must be relevant to current health care and illness situations in our communities by continuing to readily and accurately translate the findings and information into practice and health
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