National Junior Honor Society Character Analysis

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The five areas of excellence recognized by National Junior Honor Society are developing character, scholarship, leadership, service, and citizenship. I believe that all of these different areas are important for children, teens, and even adults today. First I’m going to start off with developing strong character. Having strong character means you’re the type of person who stands up for your beliefs, or you are the type of person who easily takes responsibility for your actions. I'm always taking responsibility for my actions. A while back I was at a Girl Scout meeting, when my leader told me to squirt a whole container of toothpaste onto a paper plate. After the activity she told me to think of myself as the container that the toothpaste was in. Then she…show more content…
Last year my teacher asked if I would like to be a leader and mentor a 5th grader. I was very nervous thinking about having a responsibility for a 5th grader, but I knew I could do it. After my teacher explained how mentoring worked, I couldn't wait to meet my mentee. I sat in my spot and there was two 5th graders. I was so confused, and that's when the teacher told me she thought I was responsible enough to lead two 5th graders. Jacob and Alex are their names, and they thought me how to be a leader. Both of them got their grades up and they told me it was all because of me. Being a leader has been a great part of my life. Now I'm going to talk about how service took part in my life. Service is the act of helping or doing something for someone. When I was in 6th grade I started working at my church in Wadsworth. I helped mostly in the nursery with the kids. I always had so much fun watching the kids and teaching them lessons. When I heard about National Junior Honor Society I decided to look up how many hours I have worked the past 3 years, and I couldn't believe it! I worked 120 hours! Well you know, time flies when you're having

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