National Labor Union Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography for the National Labor Union Victoria Erhart. “National labor union” 26 February 2011 This article talked about the general things of the National Labor Union back in the 1800’s. It mostly talked about the negative effects of the NLU such as exclusion of women, racial prejudice, and failing to enforce the eight-hour labor law. The article did mention about groups of skilled, unskilled, and farmers were unable to share and participate in united political views unless they were intensely focused on labor union. After William Sylvis death in 1869, the NLU suffered politically and dealt with the Depression of 1873, where the NLU finally collapsed.…show more content…
“Labor Party Series: William Sylvis: Advocate for a Labor Party and a Wokers’ Internationl” 3 September 2012 This articles mostly talk about William Sylvis, the founder and leader of the NLU. This article mentions chronological events of Sylvis’s life. It talked about how he was well known to most people however, his personality did reflect towards the NLU. Even though he was a great leader, he was prejudice towards women and other races such as Chinese and blacks. I also mention about his death and how people viewed him as a great man and leader. This article does help with the shortage of the NLU because due to his prejudice personality, shaped the NLU and women and other races that thought the NLU would be useful to them, disperse and created their own group. Phipps does have other sources backing up with his article. This does fit to the subtopic of the NLU; the shortage and downfall of the NLU. Even though it talks mostly about Sylvis, his personality does reflect the NLU. U.S History “37c. Early National Organizations” 10 September
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