National Organization Of Collegiate American Students

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Gonzalez 1 Anni Gonzalez R Sherry Sharifian Government 2305-73005 23 April 2017 National Organization of Collegiate American Students Needing Help The National Organization of Collegiate American Students Needing Help (NOCASH) is a new association of students that are trying to fight against the increasing prices to attend college. The group of students that made up this organization attend the same the college, and they realized how much the costs for tuition and materials needed for the different courses are increasing. Therefore, the students got together and decided that if they wanted their organization to get recognition and to make actual changes on this issue, they needed to make themselves heard on their college. So, this group of…show more content…
Also, they will create a web page to receive any donations to their cause. They will go to public places to make propaganda about their organization, and recruit even more members. The leaders of this organization, the students who founded it, thought that as a new organization they cannot spend their entire savings trying to lobby and persuade elected leaders. So, they decided to convene pacific rallies in days and places to get the attention of the media (TV and radio), so their words are spread all over the state and beyond. At the same time, the organization started to research about the different elected leaders to find who has the kind of ideology that supports their interests, and throughout social media and the rallies that they will carry out, they will catch the attention of this elected leader who will support their cause. 1 Other organizations that have made a difference on this kind of issues are the National Organization of Financial Aid Administrators, Complete College America, The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, Student Loan Justice, and The Institute for College Access and Success, organizations which I have never heard of them. This organizations apply techniques that NOCASH might consider, for example: to conduct research and obtain information on how college can be more accessible, to communicate performances to the different education
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