National Parks For African Americans As A Tourism Destination

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RTM 404 Portfolio Project

Rosy Caito
June 25, 2015
Professor Beck

Yosemite Buffalo Soldiers: Present ideas that you have that would result in the national parks being more attractive to African Americans as a tourism destination.

In order to get more people of a certain race, ethnicity, culture, or background to visit national parks, tourist attractions such as Yosemite National Park could utilize specific marketing techniques. Through different marketing techniques, national parks could place African Americas on the cover of their pamphlets or billboards. They could place more billboards in urban areas where there may be higher populations of ethnically diverse people. The billboards could include
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What should tourists be exposed to in terms of Native American history?

As mentioned by Gerard Baker in the video, he is there to “host various cultures that make up America.” I think it is very important for Mount Rushmore to include American Indian history and culture at the memorial because people need to know about their nation’s history. t and who inhibited the land before George Custer arrived. American Indians lived here before we did; therefore; their history is vital to understanding American culture and history. I think it is great that Mount Rushmore has American Indian dancers and teepees in order to teach visitors more about American Indian culture, but I think that they should incorporate more activities for children and more cultural decorations in the memorial as the Black Hills were once the tribal land of the Lakota and Cheyenne. Tourists should be exposed to the truth, but in an educational, positive light. Baker explains that it can be hard to tell the whole story about how America Indians once owned the land of the Black Hills, but it’s significant in order to portray the whole picture. Tourists should know the main historical points in a positive explanation in order to fully be able to understand the people of our nation.

Manzanar, Never Again: How should our country at war balance our citizens’ civil liberties and the need for national security? What relevance does this period of history have in our
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