National Parks : The Major Challenges Affecting Our National Parks

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Our National Parks are facing some major problems, and it is starting to show its damaging effects. The places we have kept protected from people are now seeing major problems from the number of things changing on our planet. The first thing that has been affecting our national parks is the budget for these parks. Most national parks are free, so they are not making any money, which can become a problem. The second thing that is effecting the National parks is the crazy climate change, and how it can cause epidemics like fires or little to no water. The last problem they face is ecosystem crisis like foreign invaders or disease. These things are and have been prominent in our national parks, and need to be helped to keep these parks from going away forever. The first major problem is the budget crisis with national parks. The first thing that stems off of the budget crisis is not having the money to pay wildlife management. The park rangers and security guards usually get paid from tax payers, due to most parks not charging visitors. This causes them to not have the money coming in to help pay for their rangers and security guards. It also hinders them from being able to manage the wild life, because of staffing being low. They need more people to be able to go around the parks and monitor the relationship between species and habitats, and identifying priority area for conservation (6). Without the right amount of staff to do this it is really hard to complete the task, and
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