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National Parks: Underthreat Our nations incredible 401 National Parks are some of the most iconic places on the face of the earth. From the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains our nation's national parks are something we should be proud to have. Lately our National Parks have been under threat from both Environmental and Political issues both putting our National Parks at risk. We need preserve the National Parks for generations to come. The National Parks show the most amazing parts of this great nation, they are the source of billions of dollars in revenue, and they are the home to countless forms of wildlife. The first U.S National Park was founded in 1872. The park was Yellowstone National Park. It was also the world's first…show more content…
According to an article in Grand Canyon Trust the U.S Government did little to prevent the poisoning of Natives until the late 90’s when it was already to late (Grand Canyon Trust Organization). These problems are still relevant in Native American communitys today. The Issue of National Park conservation has become a widely controversial issue today. With the National debt reaching 17 trillion dollars some politicians think it is alright to either sell off national park land to commercial foresters, miners, and even foreign nations or to just close some parks entirely to make up some of the national debt. They are completely unaware that the parks arent just a “pretty area of land for tourists”. Many cities depend on the parks for their well-being. A quote from a local newspaper in California supports this “National parks don’t boast concession stands or charge tax, but data indicates they bring in millions of dollars to local economies each year”(Tree). Supporters of cutting the parks include big CEO’s of major companies and some of them not even in this country. The supporters of slashing the National Parks will be directly impacted by it if they are cut. They are the only ones who will benefit from their loss. They believe that the government will benefit from slashing them because it will pay off the National debt. They would want the land for

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