National Political Processes At The State Level

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There are multiple ways people have the ability to participate in political processes at the state level. We may not realize how involved we really are with state and local government. Citizens are able to vote, so that their voices will be able to be heard by their state. Another form of participation is donating. There are several things people can donate such as their time. People can spend a few hours working at a soup kitchen, to help the less fortunate. Furthermore, citizens are allowed to protest against an issue they have concerns on. All these practices of political participation can be helpful but could also be harmful. Each state has their own Constitution written. People must abide by what is written in that Constitution. All states resemble the federal government. State government has branches such as, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. This all works together to create a good environment for citizens to live in. Citizens have incalculable ways in which they can contribute to political processes at the state level. Understanding The Effects of Participation Citizens do not quite understand how their participation affects state and local government. So many people choose not to vote, which truly affects the outcome of a state or city. In addition, these citizens, who chose not to vote, tend not participate in anything involving their community. There are two ways a citizen can effect a state or city. These ways are either
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