National Population Policy For Sustainable Development

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The policy I have chosen to examine is Sessional Paper No. 1 on National Population Policy for Sustainable Development. As the policy that has guided implementation of programmes from 2000 to 2012, this policy brought about improvement in the use of contraceptives as well as in the maternal health aspect for Kenyans. It was also able to maintain the statistics and success of the previous policy. As stated previously, Kenya’s Sessional Paper No.1 on National Population Policy for Sustainable Development builds on the strengths of the guidelines provided by the previous policy. With also a recognition for issues on environment, gender, poverty and problems facing certain segments of the population (including youth, elderly, and disabled…show more content…
The private and local sector will also be encouraged to be more actively involved in the conducting of population programmes. - Expanding and promoting all aspects of Primary Health Care services Target/s: to maintain the Crude Death Rate at 12 between 1998 and the year 2000 and reduce it to 10 by 2005 and to 9 by 2010; to minimise further decline in life expectancy at birth and to maintain the number at 53 years in both 2005 and 2010 Method: The government will continue to provide increasing accessibility to affordable quality primary health care. - Educating individuals and married couples in family planning and the effects that family size may have on their standard of living, as well as to provide quality, accesible and affordable family planning services Target/s: to increase the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate for all methods amongst married woman from 33% in 1993 to 43% by the year 2000 to 53% by 2005 and to 62% by 2010; to reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate from 590 in 1995 to 300 by the year 2000 to 230 by 2005 and to 170 by 2010 Method: Relevant education programmes for information on responsible adulthood will be provided. - Increasing awareness of all Kenyans and their rights to decide
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