National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization

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The mission of the National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization is to “provide opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation” (PAS, About PAS). What started out as a small organization, a little over 30 years ago, has now blossomed into something much bigger. As the new Executive Director of PAS, my goals are to continue to fulfill the mission while also making improvements to the organization. I believe there is still a lot of potential for the organization to yet be fulfilled. The National Postsecondary Agriculture Students organization was established in March of 1980 by Draft Bylaws and is designed to meet the needs of college students in agricultural related fields (PAS, About PAS). From there it has continued to grow and developed. What once started out as a small organization has now expanded to having a total of approximately 1,400 members from 62 chapters located in 18 different states (PAS, About PAS). This organization is made available to students in approximately 650 institutions located in all 50 states (PAS, PAS Handbook). Part of the financial support comes from the membership fees that are paid either by a chapter or an individual basis (PAS, About PAS). PAS values individual leadership abilities and intellectual growth. That is a main reason for why they developed instructional programs. Instructional programs are used to help enhance the students learning. Currently, PAS has various different programs…
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