National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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Saturday September 26, 2015 or so called National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is a small part of the up and coming criminal­justice reform that the nation has been raving about. From the war on drugs, to the prison system; the president along with congressmen and woman have been discussing this so called “reform”. Take Back Day plays a small part in the want to dispose properly of leftover drugs which can be hazardous to the environment and not allowing unused medications to be distributed or used wrongly. This small step was started by the DEA in order to provide residents with no cost anonymous collection of unwanted and expired medicines (DEA). Having a safe way to properly dispose of unwanted medications without being reprimanded may only be a small healed wound, versus the ongoing need to reform and create better year round programs to ensure safety and responsibility. The program was addressed by President Obama on September 26, making his case for “getting smarter about how we address substance use disorders” promoting the well being and reform our country needs. Obama addresses the fact that more Americans die everyday from a drug overdose than they do in car crashes, and these drug overdoses are more commonly prescription drugs. This year there is a presidential budget for drug monitoring programs, better equipping first responders, and expanding medicine assistant treatment programs. Obama also addresses the fact that working on substance abuse
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