National Security Agency Is Unconstitutional

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The NSA is an unconstitutional Federal government agency established by a failed president. In 1952, the worst president in U.S. History, President Truman, established the National Security Agency (NSA). Truman is known for committing the worst crime against humanity by using a nuclear bomb on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, as well as for losing China and North Korea. For a president that is known for his poor performance on foreign policy, Truman establishes the NSA to safeguard American interests from foreign and domestic threat to American National Security. The NSA surveillance program is a critically important program to the national security in the United States. The NSA has two missions, to exploit foreign communications, known as SIGINT, and protect U.S. information systems, known as IA. The headquarters are located at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, which is very close to Washington D.C. The NSA is known for its high tech prowess, and it is on the frontiers of communications and information technology. Actually, NSA is incompetent. NSA was not able to stop the Boston bombers from bombing in Boston Marathon because it was overwhelmed with data from Mass Surveillance on Americans. We have to ask ourselves, if NSA is on the frontiers of communications and information technology, why did the NSA is not able to prevent a terrorist attack? The NSA is not able to keep the American people safe. The Government is not
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