National Security Agency Research Paper

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The National Security Agency has been accused and found guilty of not following standard procedures, giving inaccurate information, and unreasonably spying on U.S. Residents. In 2011, the NSA violated 2,776 rules and court orders. There has been numerous incidents of the NSA committing Illegal and unjust acts. There is nothing just about exploiting and infringe on our rights as U.S. citizens.
The NSA role is to collect and process global information for foreign intelligence. They are to protect all government systems and communications. They have over used their power for there own gain. They have been found guilty of their actions but nobody has done anything. Nothing has happened because people don’t want to accept the fact that we are being
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The NSA had broken over 2,500 laws and violations in 2012. The NSA has been reported to and admitted to overlooking private phone calls, emails, cellular text messages and other conversations. The NSA’s mission is to protect the people by monitoring global information and intelligence. Many people believe that the NSA isn’t trying to spy on citizens, but they are trying to protect the welfare of the majority population. The NSA’s monitoring system and devices have been used to overview communications of any threats to the U.S. With these systems, the NSA has found and located some ISIS members and terroristic activities. 8The question is how far should a typical American’s privacy be invaded to keep us safe. By monitoring all conversations of everyone, the NSA has gone too far. In the past, monitoring occurred only for those deemed to be a threat. This should continue to be the…show more content…
With their knowledge and power they have the ability to find history on anyone. They can use their systems to find information on politicians and public leaders. Nobody should be able to find information on anyone so easily. We should be able to have privacy and not having to worry about someone recording our conversation. Imagine every call, text, email, message and conversation you have had and knowing someone can see it all.
In December of 2015, the government wanted Apple to unlock and allow them to view all the files of a terrorist's phone. Apple denied their request and told them it was against the terrorist’s rights. This wasn’t the first time Apple was asked to decrypt one of their products. Apple protected the rights of the people by not allowing the government access to their personal information.
The NSA servers are beginning to overflow and they are having to delete useless information that is stored. “The National Security Agency's Special Source Operations branch manages "partnerships" in which U.S. and foreign telecommunications companies allow the NSA to use their facilities to intercept phone calls, emails and other data. This briefing describes problems with overcollection of data from e-mail address books and buddy lists, as well as NSA efforts to filter out what it does not need (” Imagine a government serve with so many personal recorded conversations that it is over over
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