National Security Agency Spying Analysis

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Countless United States citizens have been in an uproar over their right to privacy over the course of the last decade. This is due to the recent discovery of government agencies such as the NSA (National Security Agency) using methods such the recording, screening, and/ or intercepting of private phone calls without the caller's consent. For obvious reasons, people are upset with this practice, as it is undoubtedly a breach of privacy, but after the events of September 11, 2001, there is no denying that such practices are effective and completely justifiable in the case of homeland security. Because of the NSA's practices, people have fought for their right to privacy much more than before. It is believed that under the Bill of Rights, no…show more content…
Some may be at dismay knowing that the executive branch of the U.S. may be given permission to intercept and analyze any information that could be used in criminal investigation (Doyle 42). However, without the use of these methods, investigations could be harder to solve. Some have suggested that terrorists involved in occurrences such as the Boston Marathon bombing were found with aid from devices that some may say are used for spying (Stossel). With these claims also came doubt, but there is very little else that these devices could be used for. In Stossel’s article, it is said that cameras used to solve the case of the bombing could also be used to spy on the public, but the same could also be said about the smart devices carried by the average American. Even though spying can be done by almost anyone in America at any given moment, there are still several ways that government agencies can “spy” on people that aren’t accessible by the common citizen (“8 Ways”). Regardless of how many ways a policing organization can observe your activity, there isn’t much that any of these groups can do that would affect one’s life without him or her learning of such activity. If the person of interest has any form of communication intercepted, what would the negatives be? A government agency would have little to no interest in the affairs of an individual unless they were suspected of a felony, in which case, the actions of said agency would be
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