National Security Agency Wiretapping : Legal Or Violation Of Civil Rights?

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National Security Agency Wiretapping: Legal or Violation of Civil Rights? "Wiretapping American citizens on American soil without the required warrant is in direct contravention of our criminal statutes,” stated by Senator Russ Feingold; pertains to the unwarranted wiretapping of United States civilians suspected of terrorist affiliation (Feingold). The National Security Agency’s act of wiretapping the United States’ people is argued to be illegal and a violation of civil rights. However, under the Authorization for Use of Military Force, the President of the United States is permitted to authorize a terrorist surveillance program to protect the nation from foreign attacks (Feingold). Therefore, wiretapping should be allowed in order to…show more content…
The National Security Agency does not have any restrictions on the use of data, and former Obama administration officials said the agency collected data from both Americans and foreigners. The data links phone numbers and e-mails directly or indirectly to a person or organization that is of foreign interest. Almost all information about the National Security Agency’s operations is hidden. The limitations concerning Americans was decided in secret. The Justice Department and the Pentagon allowed for the National Security Agency to create contact chains including the timing, location and other details of calls and e-mails, but not the content (James Risen, Laura Poitras). Feingold mentions George W. Bush’s State of Union address and how the President called upon the nation to “lead this world toward freedom” (Feingold). The President discussed freedom and how it can transform nations. In the same moment, he openly admitted that he ordered the National Security Agency to spy on Americans without warrants. Feingold believes that the program and the President are breaking the law. He states, “When someone breaks the law, when someone misleads the public in an attempt to justify his actions, he needs to be held accountable. The President of the United States has broken the law. The President of the United States is trying to mislead the American people. And he needs to be held accountable” (Feingold).
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