Essay on National Security Strategy Comparison

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Mid-Term Essay – Compare/Contrast European Security Strategy (ESS) with US National Security Strategy (NSS)
James E. McDonald
Regional/Cultural Studies
Lesson 03
24 Mar 2013
Instructor: Col (ret) Frank Belote

Air Command and Staff College
Distance Learning
Maxwell AFB, AL

The Security Strategy of the United States has marked similarities and differences to the Security Strategy of Europe. This can be effectively traced to the similarities and differences between the two cultures themselves, particularly in the cultural factors of religion, modernization, ethnicity/nationalism, and geography. The US and Europe have different responses to the modernization of warfare from traditional (ships, armies, tanks, aircraft) to
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The European document, on the other hand, openly and repeatedly calls for “Unification” and “Cooperation” (European Security Strategy, 2003, 1-8). The United States can draw from European religious history and ethnic origin, which gives it some cultural similarities. At the same time, the birth of our nation was so much more recent, and so dramatically different from the beginning of European history, that it’s no wonder there are fundamental differences in culture. Even before the Declaration of Independence (“God” and “truth” referenced) or the US Constitution were drafted (“freedom of religion”), early America was rooted in Christianity. The first Pilgrims fled religious persecution in Europe. Christian doctrine has been quoted in speeches given by American leaders from the beginning (Governor John Walthrop, Massachusetts Governor, 1630), to recent/present-day Presidents (Reagan, GW Bush, Obama), The United States has been referred to as something “different”, a shining example all the world to see and
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