National Security Structure Development in Steven Hook and John Spanier's Book, American Foreign Policy Since WWII

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A Summary and Critical Evaluation of the Key Issues
In Post-World War II National Security Structure Development Steven Hook and John Spanier's 2012 book titled “American foreign policy since WWII" serves as one of the most important texts that can be used in understanding the underlying complexities on American foreign policies. Like the first readings that are analyzed in class (American Diplomacy by George Kennan and Surprise, Security, and the American Experience by John Lewis Gaddis), this text also brings history into a more understandable context. Aside from being informative and concise in its historical approach, Hook and Spanier also critiques the several flaws and perspectives that occurred in the American foreign policy
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The concept is also very evident from the choice of opening quote from Hook and Spanier's book. This quote is specifically delivered by George W. Bush for the introduction of the "National Security Strategy of the United States of America". In this quote, he mentioned that "We [the U.S] seek instead to create a balance of power that favors human freedom... We will actively work to bring the hope of democracy, development, free markets, and free trade to every corner of the world (2002)." This quote mirrors the concept of American Exceptionalism in a way that Bush recognizes that the U.S. is a separate country that needs to salvage the remaining nations of the world through foreign policies. In Hook and Spanier's words, "[t]hese words capture the global ambitions of an American president who, despite his optimistic tone, was still recovering from the deadliest attacks ever on his country (2012, p.1). The authors also discussed how the negative things that happened to the Bush administration transpired into Obama's government. Among the earliest effects are the threats on the classic American dream "of unending prosperity and opportunity (Hook and Spanier, p.1). On the other hand, the book also discussed how American foreign policies and the overall American experienced are affected by the prevailing cultural attitudes and beliefs. On the other hand, David Rothkopf book titled "Running the world: The inside story of the National Security
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