National Sovereignty : An Example Of A Sovereign Nation

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National sovereignty means that a nation is independent, it is governed by the people, and the nation can control itself. America is an example of a sovereign nation. Tribal sovereignty is a Native American tribe’s right to govern themselves, watch over their property, regulate their trade and businesses, make and enforce laws, and to tax,. With tribal sovereignty however, they can not declare war, engage in foreign relations, or print and issue currency. Currently there are about 565 sovereign tribal nations. Two hundred twenty five of these nations are in Alaska, and the other 340 tribes are located the 48 lower states (SFI 1, A tribe can only be federally recognized as sovereign three ways, there can be an act passed in congress, they can go through the procedures as stated in Federal Acknowledgement Process (FAP), or their can be a decision in the United States court. It is important to note that even if a tribe is sovereign, the people of the tribe are American citizens. They can vote, hold office, pay taxes, follow laws, and are allowed to serve in the armed forces.

Native American tribes are allowed to have casinos on their land thanks to the Supreme Courts decision in the Cabazon vs. California case in 1987. This case came about when California officials threatened to shut down a bingo parlor owned by the Native American tribe Cabazon on their reservation. The supreme court said because California, and many other states at the time, did…
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