National Transition Of Care: A Case Study

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Globally, unlike in the past, it is rare for a patient to consult with the same healthcare provider over their lifetime, often referred to as healthcare provision “from the cradle to the grave” of a patient (Mostert-Phipps, Pottas & Korpela, 2012). This rarity is credit to the fact that currently patients move between healthcare providers due to various reasons (Medical School, 2003; Naylor & Keating, 2008; National Transitions of Care Coalition, 2010; Picton & Wright, 2012; Masango-Makgobela, Govender & Ndimande, 2013). The Joint Commission (2013) terms this movement as the “transition of care”. However, this transition of care results in the fragmentation of provision of patient healthcare, and thus challenges continuity of care (CoC) (Haggerty
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