National Transportation Of The Elderly And Disabled Who Live Within County Lines

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Palm Tran CONNECTION is a division of Palm Tran, which is the source of public transportation for Floridians who are residents of Palm Beach County. Palm Tran Connections, also known as PTC, is responsible for the transportation of the elderly and disabled who live within county lines. Riders can pay three dollars and fifty cents to go from the most north point of Jupiter all the way to the Boca Raton Mall just above Deerfield Beach and Coral Springs. PTC is a “shared-ride, door-to-door, Para-transit service” (Palm Tran CONNECTION, 2012). PTC is an aide to the people who fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act of Nineteen-ninety. PTC contracts out all of their routes to second-party companies. Currently there are about four major…show more content…
Section II – Background In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to ensure the equal treatment of persons with disabilities along with the elderly. The ADA of 1990 also forced public and private businesses to cater to the needs of these people by enabling them accessibility to all the things able-bodied people had access to. This meant anything from automatic doors, elevators, handicap parking, ramps and even public transportation. The Division of Senior Services and Transportation Disadvantage are state funded programs which provide monies for disabled and elderly people to participate in the program free of charge (Palm Tran CONNECTION, 2012). Although Safety was only founded in February of 2015, Sherrod has been an Operations Manager under PTC since the nineties. Sherrod first worked with a company by the name of Metro Transportations at the age of 23 where he was a bus driver. In an interview, Sherrod explained how he worked his way from the bottom up by watching his superiors and doing as they did (Sherrod, 2015). As Sherrod reminisced about “The good ole’ days”, he spoke about when he began leading others. He said, “Leading is about connecting with your peers, it is about making people be able to trust you and know that you have their best interest
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