National Trends On Healthcare Across With The Economic / Employment Statistics

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Per your conversation with Barb, we have added information on some national trends in healthcare along with the economic/employment statistics previously provided. The entire list is below.

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National Trends:

Consolidation in Insurance Marketplace
• Two large mergers are pending – Aetna to acquire Humana and Anthem to buy Cigna.
• If are approved, three insurers (Aetna, Anthem and United) will control health insurance for 141 million Americans (approximately 40% of all Americans with private health insurance).
• There is a risk that federal regulators and Congress will stall these mergers as they look into anti-trust violations. There will be less choice for consumers and the larger insurers will have greater control over prices paid to providers. Providers should expect decreased reimbursement with further market consolidation.
• Small insurers will have to work harder to compete for customers and find innovative ways to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Consolidation in Hospitals/Health Systems
• Pressure from ACA to reduce cost, improve communication across providers and improve care.
• According to a national research firm, more than 70 deals have been announced in 2015. Experts are forecasting that more than 100 deals will be announced by the end of 2015.
• In…

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