National Unity And Its Effect On The Nation

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In one way or another most people want to feel as though they belong somewhere, and feel secure and safe. This can be found in a variety of ways. History teaches us that a country that has a foundation of national unity is important and will be able to thrive in the best ways possible to reach its potential. Unity is when people join and work together toward a common goal, and is often considered necessary for survival. A previous president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln , stated “A house divided cannot stand” (2). National unity is beneficial in so many ways, and will lead the nation toward progress and posterity. Unity provides a sense of security and the feeling of safety. It provides an environment of peace and love. Unity strengthens the nation, as well as individuals. It leads toward a bigger effort into fighting corruption and providing a better place for all. Unity encourages a sense of pride in oneself and their country, and provides opportunities for excellence in many ways. New Zealand consists of many different types of people, cultures, religions and interests. It is so diverse, and continues to grow in diversity. Each individual has their own identity. However, being born and raised in New Zealand, something that puts aside all those differences, unifying the nation is New Zealand 's’ national love affair of rugby. The influence of rugby is much more intimate than in many other places, and it starts at the grassroots level. The sport was developed
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