National Vital Statistics System : Article Analysis

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Assignment One Part B A. National Vital Statistics System -, Drug Overdose Deaths Among Adolescents Aged 15–19 in the United States: 1999–2015 Article address link - The National Center for Health Statistics reported a fifteen-year trend of drug overdose deaths among older adolescents aged fifteen to nineteen in the United States from nineteen ninety-nine to two thousand fifteen. The data found that the death trends doubled, decreased then increased, most of the deaths were unintentional and specifically heroin was involved. Data resources used in the article are from the National Vital Statistics System and National Center for Health…show more content…
Consistently handwashing with soap and water removes germs and helps with the prevention of contracting common illnesses like diarrheal diseases and pneumonia. Data sources provided in the article are from United Nations Children’s Fund, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and American Journal of Public Health. The cause-specific mortality rate reported is that approximately one point four million children ages less than five years old die annually from diarrheal and pneumonia diseases. The incidence rate of diarrhea and respiratory infections among children in the same age group reduces diarrhea cases by approximately thirty percent and respiratory infections by approximately twenty percent with regular handwashing with soap and water. Hand washing is an effective manner to avoid diarrhea and respiratory infections especially among children. Less developed countries are susceptible as soap is used primary for laundry and bathing and not used regularly for routine handwashing. C. Daily, 7000 newborns die, despite decrease in under-five mortality -, Prevention for a cholera free world Article address link – The article’s purpose is to increase worldwide awareness of how targeted cholera interventions are affordable, cost effective and can save lives.
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