National Voter Registration Day ( Nvrd ) Essay

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National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is the second largest organization that encourages voter registration through social media. In 2008, NVRD reported that six million Americans didn’t vote because they missed the voter registration deadline. NVRD use their website for online voter registration, share events, and provides general tool-kits for any social media platform. They engage and register voters by making the process easier to share and complete online. For Twitter, users can share tweets developed by NVRD to inform users Twitter friends about Voter Registration Day. They also provide social media graphics that are embedded with links to their website to educate eligible voters and mobilize volunteers.


• Add interview questions and answers from Facebook Global Manager and Political Outreach, Katie Harbath.

o In 2012, the presidential election was the number one thing discussed on Facebook and other social media platforms, what was the tone of Facebook users during that time? What about the current campaign? We don 't measure sentiment for the conversation we do. All we share is volume.

o As the Global Manager, who oversees politics and government outreach, do you think Facebook will develop their own voter registration tool to help register voters? Not sure. We 're looking at a wide variety of options and ideas on what we can do to help people register to vote. In the UK and Canada, we worked with the election commissions to do

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