National Wildlife Federation Research Paper

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Even though there are many fact that’s broken down, we can see that it has many sub-categories of animals. These are called groups such as fish, mammals, birds, and sea turtles, which is also credited as being from a reliable source. This article seems unreliable and opinionated, mainly because the article doesn’t provide any reference that would leave the audience questioning where is the facts that’s listed in which the “national wildlife federation” would provide. This actually comes from within the out dated assumers, which makes it clear that they would agree or believe within all the statements in the article. Being that the “national wildlife federation” wants its main goal to increase the amount of researchers on wildlife and the ecosystem. During this article the audience will question that this article could theoretically be made up of expectations in order to “raise awareness and increase studies” for future funding. Even though the lengthy within the “national wildlife” would list the effects from the spill, but also the lack of logos would make that nearly impossible. However the national wildlife try to make things clear so that they would believe the spill has effected and also injured many animals and their environment. Being that the “national wildlife federation” has…show more content…
Even though the national wildlife doesn’t really offer any detailed breakdown on how this problem can be determined. During this article it could also weaken the emotional connection that you would have with the audience. Being that they want to grab more attention by showing that this issues are bigger than they really seems. Within the “national wildlife federation” it has a strong point discussing the topic of the article it mentions which is comprehensive balance. National wildlife didn’t really focus on making this argument double sided or provided a way to sidestep the spill in the near
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