Nationalism And Foreign Policy Making Essay

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Research Proposal
Nationalism and Foreign Policy Making
The general subject of this proposed study is Chinese nationalism and how it affects China’s foreign policy. More specifically, I will examine if, and how, domestic nationalist feelings impact Chinese foreign policy. When analyzing the outcome I will focus on whether or not emergent territorial concerns and traditional security issues will be put higher on the agenda after the level of nationalism has increased.
Contribution to the State of Knowledge in the Field
My study will contribute to research focused specifically on the correlation between international relations, nationalism and policymaking towards foreign countries in China. In her book ‘Powerful Patriots: Nationalist Protest in China’s foreign relations’ Jessica Chen Weiss provided an analysis of China’s management of nationalist and anti-foreign protests and their diplomatic consequences. She focuses on the protest aspect of nationalism in China, and how protests are used as a tool by Chinese officials in favor of their own agendas. This study will try to provide a comprehensive frame of the impact of Chinese nationalism on two specific issues in Chinese foreign policy, that is emergent territorial concerns (e.g. South China Sea) and traditional security issues (e.g. Taiwan).
Literature Review
Theoretical Assumptions
This study will rely upon a couple of theoretical assumptions made by other scholars. I want to make clear that these
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