Nationalism In The United States

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As countries around the world become more developed, some subscribe to the ideology of nationalism, which puts one’s own country above all others, specifically in diplomacy. From an extremely wealthy and powerful perspective, the United States of America claims to be one of the best countries in the world, but how do they contribute politically in worldwide progression? More recently, the idea of Nationalism in the U.S supports the same concept of many other countries across the globe. As these prejudiced opinions are used to simply prove a fallacy, it weakens the governmental aspects that make up a country. Nationalism leads to independent and prideful countries, however it causes interregional and international problems relating to politics.…show more content…
According to Robert B. Reich, a professor at The University of California at Berkeley, there are “two faces of Nationalism, when addressed by politics. One being the negative side with those who turn away from global responsibilities, and the other being the positive side, with those that tend to domestic ones, that are more willing to contribute to the world's well being.” (Reich). Reich, along with Stephen Sherlock, a member of The Parliament of Australia explains that history shows how “Positive Nationalism”, similar to the idea of Globalization explains how the negative nationalism develops conflicts worldwide. For instance, the Chinese and Indonesian currency crisis in 1997 rose from “The Chinese confidence in the collapse of the Indonesian economy allowed the free movement of foreign finance capital.” (Sherlock) This being said the feeling of “power” only caused more conflicts and destroyed Indonesia’s government and economy. Ruining their foreign connection, Indonesia's “lack of an effective government policy response” (Reich) puts a target on their back as China overrules them.…show more content…
As globalization is not used to support a country, Nationalism takes over and destroys any progress that has been made in addition to the peace and equality that globalization follows. Even as non- nationalistic countries face the acts of nationalism. As certain national supremacist powers around the world such a The United States President Donald Trump, Nationalism is shown through the foreign affairs that take place, because of the negative effects they have in political progression in the world. While Nationalism leads to independent and wealthy nations, the overall use of the superpower diminishes the interconnected feeling of the world, causing the world to split into groups of political power and the unity of nations across the globe to be
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