Nationalism Position Paper

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It can be seen that the source that was given supports nationalism to a certain degree. They explain all of the positive things about embracing nationalism while giving only one small negative point. The positive points clearly prevail over the negative point which helps show the reader the author’s position on this issue. It can be seen that only self-determined countries are legitimate. The government that runs the nation-state, achieves this self-determination by gaining and keeping the support of its citizens. This results in the citizens coming together as a civic nation and having great pride in their country. If this self-determined country is created from ultra-nationalistic beliefs it will lead into a country that believes that…show more content…
After the coup d 'état, a military General was able to get in control of the country. With his motivational speeches and his recognition from the battles he has won, he was able to gain the trust of the citizens and the army. From seeing what the Germans were doing the General decided to do the same and expand Japan. This led to the invasion of China and the start of the Pacific War. It can be noted that nationalism is not necessarily good; it can lead to major wars and the deaths of many innocent citizens, furthermore; it can also lead to a total annihilation of a race. It can also be seen throughout history that genocides were also caused by ultra-nationalism. In 1994 a terrible incident has occurred and that would be the Rwanda genocide. The two groups that were involved in this are the Tutsi and Hutu group. The Tutsi and Hutu had animosity between them and deeply desired to kill each other. Their ultra-nationalistic views helped accumulate their anger towards each other. This led to the Hutu’s planned assassination on their president. They were able to use this as an excuse in order to destroy the Tutsis. The Hutus blamed the Tutsis for killing their president and went on a rampage which conducted the mass killing of the Tutsis. Also another genocide that was created because of ultra-nationalistic views is the Armenian genocide. After the
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