Nationalism in America: The Reform Movements Essay

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Nationalism is how one feels toward their nation. Therefore nationalism determines how strong a nation is, by the unity of the people. America was very young as a nation in the early to mid 1800s and was not meeting the standards of the people. Changes needed to be made. Nationalism was changed in America with many great reform movements taking place which warped America to what it is today. Education reform, Industrial revolution, and transportation alongside technological advancements played a large roll in nationalism. Before the educational reform there were very little public schools. If there was a public school in a town it was part time and only one room. Wealthy families could afford to send their children to private school or…show more content…
With mining and railroads being built the amount of jobs it took to make this happen was being met by the amount of immigrants coming into the country. After inventing the cotton gin Eli Whitney was a famous inventor and came up with the idea of interchangeable parts. It started with guns then was introduced to just about every product in just a few years. As the factories grew with interchangeable parts more and more rural areas started growing bigger towns and became more urban. Transportation and technology advancements were making americans closer because getting from place to place and communicating was getting faster and easier. Trains are much faster than traveling by horse and carriage. The iron industry was sky rocketing because of the railroads being made across the U.S. The telegraph at that time was the fastest way to communicate. The steam boat was also a very fast way to travel because of the many canals being made to connect different lakes, rivers, and oceans. Nationalism was effected by the transportation and technology advancements because they all made the world smaller by the convenience of fast travel and easy communication. Nationalism is very important in a nation and the nationalism in America during the 1800s steadily increased as the country grew stronger. The education of children is very important for the future of the country. The better the education for the teachers means the
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