Nationwide, The Food Truck Industry

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Nationwide, the Food Truck industry has rocketed, with Miami being the second place city with largest food truck scene. We plan on developing application which lets users connect to to their favorite local food trucks, and have the ability to track, locate the nearest, place an order and share reviews, and pictures through their social media. We noticed there was a lack of apps with these features in the market; as of now, only one application is available on the market, which has a very limited selection of 15 of the 300+ food trucks.
The first step taken was measuring the interest of the market for such an app. We published an online survey to substantiate whether our idea was appealing to our market segmentation, which is both, men and women, from 18 to 65 years old with an interest in street food and residing in the Miami area. The results of this survey was encouraging.
Second, we had to find out what features we would include in this application. Through another online survey and a focus group, we weighed and reflected on the responses gathered and came to the following conclusion: Consumers want a simple, instinctive mobile app that allows them to track, see reviews and pictures, order, and pay.


NOMNOM is a mobile app which provides time saving features for our customers who are are interested in eating or ordering from their favorite local food truck. Our app will provide the following services:
• Food
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