Native American Address To The Native Indians

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Native Americans were known as savages, but they are nicer than the Europeans thought. Europeans coming from civilization to an unknown wilderness must have been a difficult adjustment alone, but meeting unseen people proved a bigger conflict. The colonials did not understand the way of the Indians, neither did they try to comprehend their strange behaviors. There were many different Native tribes, such as the Cherokee, Mohican and the Sioux Tribe, these tribes behaved in different ways. If the settlers witnessed a cruel act, it was placed upon all the red skinned people, not just the ones who committed such crime. English travelers had traditions of their own that the Natives never questioned. White men did not know the values or behaviors of the Natives, there cultures were far too different which caused them to relay false accusations that caused misconceptions. Some settlers realized the incorrect conceptions and tried to find reassurance for the indians, by allowing the indians and European Americans to evaluate one another they found closure. For many years indians were considered ignorant savages, but only one who has never known a true Indian would say this. Elias Boudinot, a Cherokee writer, tells us in his Address to the Whites “He is ignorant, a heathen, savage, yet no more than all others have been under similar circumstances.” Boudinot knows a variety of Native American values and behaviors, because of his personal knowledge he is proving whites wrong. Elias
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