Native American Boarding School Essay

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selves, basically not allowed to do anything that is not of the Westerner way of life and if they didn’t they would be severely punished. Knowing that native people connect a lot with nature and spirits. We could see that the boarding school social construction came between them so that they couldn’t continue to connect with those two important aspects of their culture. Especially talking with the spirits because of what? The spirits couldn’t understand English. We can see that the boarding school really took a toll on these innocent native people. But, yet, Pratt stated that the boarding school was built and organized to help the natives. But was it really build to help them? Or was it just built to create an unbalance between whites and natives?…show more content…
Which we see plays a lot throughout photos that were taken, Photos play such a vital role in telling a story that can connect some much dots together to have that essential meaning behind it. Going through a lot, the photos that compare with the changes of these young Indian children have me thinking on why diminishing a culture to fit into a next one that for sure will cause conflicts throughout the Native culture. Examining the visual that have the children kneeling down on the bed praying the western way vs. the natural way for Indians was more on meditating and connecting a lot with nature. Another photo was a boy with before and after look; you can see that the boy looks completely different in the after picture "kill the Indian, save the man" What a phrase to use. Wasn't the man already inside before getting rid of his real identity? I guess not these westerners believed that if you cut their hair and get rid of their Indian dressing to mold them in the "American culture," they will fit in and look like them. They think they will "get rid of everything." But guess again, it would be the same way when a baby is in his/her mother ovum they get so connected to their mom. To the point whenever they hear their mom's voice they would move or kick. And after they are born and starts to cry, and their mom opens her mouth silences the baby and
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