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Native American Cherokee Tribe Native Americans have been around for centuries. They were some of the first people to ever come to America. Native American’s have different tribes, cultures, and ethnic groups. Native American’s fought hard to protect their land and people. One of the largest, and culturally advanced tribes are the Cherokees. The Cherokees have unique traditions, customs, and heritage. Cherokees lived in southern regions such as Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. In the 1800s when congress passed the Indian removal act they were forced to leave their land. The Cherokees asked the supreme court for help because they didn’t want to leave. President Andrew Jackson ordered the army to send them away. Many Indians marched…show more content…
Sequoyah was a very intelligent man. He did not know how to read or write in other languages but he came up with the writing system for the Cherokees. "Cherokee literary writing has its origins in defining locality. Like all Native American communities, the Cherokee have a complex literary history that involves multiple forms of expression, including oral traditions and unwritten, no alphabetic practices. In the early 1820s, however, a Cherokee silversmith named Sequoyah developed a syllabic alphabet for writing the Cherokee language. The Cherokee syllabary, which was officially adopted by the Cherokee Nation in 1825, resulted in the rapid growth of Cherokee literacy and print culture during the early nineteenth century. The Cherokee Nation established their own printing press in 1828” (Watts, Holt, Funchion, 2015). Story telling is one of the Cherokee traditions. Story telling is very important to their culture. They tell folktales, stories about legends, and myths. The stomp dance is one of the Cherokees religious ceremonies. They gather at ceremonial grounds and each of them have a set of leaders. Stomp dance ceremonies were once kept a secret but today they are more public. During these rituals they perform numerus dances around a fire, and sing songs in the Cherokee language. The Cherokees celebrated the beginning of spring which was called the green corn dance. Today the Cherokees recognize
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