Native American Civil War Essay

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After the Civil War, thousands of Americans poured into the Great Plains on a collision course with western Indian tribes. Homesteaders, ranchers, and miners encroached on Indian lands and threatened native game and ways of life. They called on the U.S. Army to crush Indian resistance and confine tribes to government controlled reservations. The resulting white, indian conflicts often took a particularly brutal turn and ultimately resulted in the near -de- struction of the indigenous peoples.Warfare between Europeans and Indians was common in the seventeenth century.In 1622 the Powhatan confederacy nearly wiped out the struggling Jamestown colony.In New England Puritan forces annihilated the Pequot’s in 1636-1637, a campaign whose intensity seemed to foreshadowing the future. A major pueblo revolt…show more content…
Indian raids often encouraged by the British were influential in causing the United States to declare war on Great Britain in 1812. Someone by the name of Andrew Jackson led the counterthrust winning victories at tallasahatchee and talladega before crushing the creeks at horseshoe bend in 1814. Indians and runaway slaves refused to relocate and the second Seminole war saw fierce guerrilla style actions from 1835 to 1842. Disease , malnutrition , and warfare combined with the poor lands set aside as reservations to reduce the Indian population of that state from 150,000 in 1845 to 35,000 in 1860. Arable lands and rumors of gold in the Dakotas continued to attract white migration the government opened a major new war in 1876. Major battlefield encounters like George Armstrong crushers triumph at the battle of the washita in 1868 had been rare or more telling was the Army's destruction of Indian lodges , horses , and food supplies , exemplified by Ronald Mackenzies slaughter of over a thousand Indian ponies following a skirmish at palo duro canyon Texas in
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