Native American Civilization

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the Native culture. Some may argue that it was for the purpose of creating civilized people out of Native Americans, but, who said they weren’t civilized in the first place? Native Americans were suffering after being removed from their reservations into the boarding schools, and their overall goal of destructing the Native culture. First, boarding schools were highly affecting the Natives as they were deadly infections like Tuberculosis and the flu, which caused many deaths. As well as being physiological affected, they were physically affected like the diseases, causing many deaths among them. The Carlisle boarding school had nearly 200 children dead and buried between 1879 and 1918, as that kept on happening Pratt decided to request “healthy children” from the Indian reservations to the school. The cleaning conditions during this time were not the best and with the percentage of 74% of circulating viruses that shows that children are more likely to die from any bacteria causing disease than any other age group, so it was more probable for children to die from these causes, causing them death, and even worse not changing at all. The way boarding schools were in the sanitary conditions, remained the same all through the end of the off-reservation schools that were created. Interviews were made explaining how there were people informing what they went through or sharing their testimony. A woman was interviewed, she was one of the girls that shared a dorm with a
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