Native American Civilization : The Aztec, Or Mexicas Essay

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One of the first societies to ever mandate education was the Aztec, or Mexicas, which allowed children of any social stature to be educated, ^ possible input in of a dash rather than a comma including slave children. It is hard to imagine that this grand empire is highly associated with their practices in human sacrifice. When the Spanish invaded and took over, many believed that the Aztecs will killed ^were killed by this ^the Spanish conquest, but ^;but, the truth is that illnesses brought by the Spanish is what truly killed them off. Their fall marked the end of the last great Native American civilization. Along with other Central American civilizations, they were the first to introduce chocolate to europeans just as europeans were the first to introduce crops and livestock to the natives of the Americas. Ancient Aztecs were a highly intriguing society that is even studied today as archaeologists are always trying to learn more about this once great empire. A Mesoamerican civilization that was rich with cultural heritage where their capital, Tenochtitlan, rivaled the beauty and size of the greatest cities of Europe. This civilization was grand in history from its beginning to its end as the diversity of different elements presented the richness of what this empire must have been. They were a well-known Mesoamerican civilization that had one of the largest empires known to the Americas. Religion was a central part of their life as their everyday activities revolved around
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