Native American Culture And Culture Essay

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Does everyone comprehend enough of their own culture identity? Every culture has their own identity. We all have the same human race. However, for me, even though USA is one of the biggest countries in the world, it’s hard to believe USA is a multicultural country, which has many people who came from overseas to the US to represent their own culture in there. There are Native American culture, Mexican culture, Chinese culture, Korean culture etc. and there is no way to count all the cultures which exist in the US because there are just a lot of them. As an international student who study in the US came from overseas, there are a lot to see and learn in here. Native American culture is the culture that I heard before but knows nothing about it until I started learning that in English class this year. I know nothing about Native American and their culture. I never know what do they look like, I thought they just look like the white American because Native American Indian is also “American”? After I get in touch a little bit with Native American, they look kind, friendly, willing to help each other, they are not what I thought who is scary and creepy. Furthermore, I understand that this is the differences between cultures identity. Even though we are not look alike, speak alike, all people in the world have the same human race. I feel excited to know about Native American Indian’s lifestyle because it is always interesting to know about others culture. Even though some argue

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